Tuesday 17 November 2015

Measure Types - Continuous vs. Discrete

In addition to dimensions and measures, each field is categorized as either discrete or continuous. Below are example graphs illustrating the difference between these two data roles. Both examples show the Sum of Margin as a function of Inventory level. It is the same information presented in two different ways.
Each inventory value is drawn as a header. The Inventory field is colored blue on the Column shelf.
Each inventory value is drawn along a continuous axis. The Inventory field is colored green on the Column shelf.
Whether a field is continuous or discrete is reflected in the color of the field’s data type icon. In the Data window, blue icons indicate discrete and green icons indicate continuous fields.
Discrete fields always result in headers being drawn whenever they are placed on the row or columns shelves. Continuous fields always result in axes when you add them to the view. These roles are important because you may want to display your data continuously or discretely depending on what you are trying see and the data itself. You can switch between continuous and discrete data roles.

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