Wednesday 3 August 2016

How to get the Date when Date related data available in 3 Diff fields

How to write Queries while connecting to the Excel from Tableau

1) While connecting to the Excel Database, select the Excel File then click on "Down side arrow Button" then select the "Open with Legacy Connection".

2) Now Drag the "New Custom SQL" option from left side of screen to the work Area. then It propt us to write the queries.

Saturday 23 January 2016

How to show the sales volume for specified period, it means from specified date to specified date.

1) We have to create two Parameters, 1 is for From Date, another is for to Date.

 2) Create a calculated field using two Date

 Parameters as below image.

3) Now right click on two Parameters then select the option "Show Parameter Control".
4) Now we can select the Date Range with the help of From Date Parameter To  Parameter.

Now we can handle the non selected dates data - Nulls handling.
Drag the calculated field on to filters shelf then select "Sum" option then select "Special" tab then select "non-null Values".

Now report is showing the data for selected Dates Range.

Thursday 3 December 2015

Want to analyze the data like Sales Variance Percentages from previous year to current Year.

1) Create a Calculated field to get the "2014 Sales" as the following screen shot.

2) Create a Calculated field to get the "2015 Sales" as the following screen shot.

3) Create a Calculated field to get the "2014  - 2015 Sales Variance" as the following screen shot.

4) Right click on "2014  - 2015 Sales Variance" ,  then click on "Default Properties", then click on "Number Format".
6) Then select "Percentage" as the Data format.

7) now add all the Calculated fields.

Wednesday 2 December 2015

Calculating Ranks in Tableau

Create a parameter like below.
create a calculation, drop it on "Text Labels"

Right click on parameter, then click on "Show Parameter Control".

Drag "Measure Selection" field twice onto Columns shelf, State on to rows shelf.
Then Right click on first Measure Selection Column (Rank) then click on "Discrete", Change ir from Column shelf to Row shelf.

Then applying the Sorting

Then Copy the Rank Column into "Filter Shelf". ( I am using laptop so how i am doing here is CTRL+ALT+Right click on Mouse + dragging into Filters shelf.)50.png

Then Apply the Filter on Ranking51.png

If you want to hide the Ranks, right click on rank field, click on "Show Header".


I have added normal report, top 5 City report to the Dashboard to come to know how our calculation will work.