Wednesday 18 November 2015

Defining Relationships among the Tables

Defining relationships among the tables and applying filter.

a. Open the Tableau Software by double click on Tableau Software Icon.
b. Connect to the Data Base,
c. Drag required tables in to right panel like the below figure. In this Example Orders, People, Return tables are selected for reporting.
d. Tableau Engine defines the Relationships automatically. Although we can also define our own relationships.(IT IS EQUALENT TO V-LOOKUP INEXCEL)

e. And we can apply the filter before we connect to the work area.
Click on Filters which is located on top right side.
 f. Click on add, in the following example We are applying filter on field “ Market” & select “Central” & “West”.
Central” & “West” markets only available to the report since we applied Data source filters.
g. After apply the filter, click on go to work sheet.
h. Drag Market, Product fields onto row shelf, sales onto column shelf.

Modifying Data source filters:
1) Right click on Data source.

2) Now we can modify filter here as we want. In this example we are adding one more filter on “Product Line” column.

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