Sunday 1 November 2015



We use Hierarchies to organize the data from Top Level information to Bottom level Information.
Top Level Information hold the Summary data, Bottom Level holds detail level data.

Sum-up the bottom level data to get next level data.

Creating Hierarchies:Geographical

1) Before start creating Hierarchies, define no. of level &
Which level data holds in which column
2) The following are sequence of levels
Region -> State -> City
3) Right click on Region, click on "Create Hierarchy".

4) Define Name of the Hierarchy as "Locations", then Add  the Region to this Hierarchy.

5) Then right click on "State" then click on "add to Hierarchy" then click on "Location".

6) Add rest of the levels to hierarchy.

7) Here "+" symbol indicates, we can drill down the Data.  "-" indicates we can drill up (Move upper levels)

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